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Live stream set up and configuration

Best practice configurations & options for setting up a live stream with Vidzing

Before you get started, please ensure that you have the following setup to Live stream successfully:

1. Camera Setup (1080 / 4K)

  • Single camera: A single camera may be set up to live stream directly from the camera.  There is also the option to input video feed from the camera to a computer where a software encoder can be utilised.
  • Multiple cameras: Multiple cameras may be connected to a live streaming hardware/software switch, which will allow the creator to cut between feeds.

2. Live stream encoder

This is an encoder that is utilised to stream to take your live feed to stream to an rtmp link.

3. Ideal Configuration

Ensure that the encoder hardware or software is set up with the following configuration:
  • Bitrate - 4000-6000 kBps
  • Key frame interval - 2s
  • Rate control - Constant Bit Rate
  • Resolutions:
    • 1080p/50fps (this is best if internet upload speed is above 30Mbps consistently)
    • 720p/50fps
    • 1080p/30fps
    • 720p/30fps

4. Internet Upload Speed

Ensure that your location has a minimum of 10Mbps upload speed.  If you are on a shared network / WIFI connection, limit all other usage for the duration of the Live stream.

To test your network / WIFI upload speed, take the speed test here.